Divorce can be one of the most stressful and confusing events in a person’s life. The decisions you make now will affect you and your family for years to come. You need an effective team of divorce and family law lawyers on your side. Wayne Divorce Law Firm ’s divorce lawyers are tough and knowledgeable and will guide you through divorce or separation, while protecting your rights every step of the way.

When you are faced with a divorce, separation, child custody or support issues, or any other family law matter, you need a law firm that understands your situation, answers your questions honestly and protects your rights. Wayne Divorce Law Firm can bring you the experienced legal counsel you need during this challenging time.

When clients first come to our law office, they are worried about the future. What about child custody and support? Will there be spousal maintenance in my case? How will the marital property be divided? Many are confused by the common divorce myths and misconceptions of divorce and family law. Know your rights.

Many clients appreciate our strengths in negotiation and collaborative law; others know that fiercely contested issues may require a divorce lawyer who will fight hard in court. We are capable and committed to working for you in either situation.

Know Your Rights: Wayne Divorce Law’s divorce team will apprise you of your legal rights, ensure you are fully informed, discuss the aspects of your particular case and strategize with you to optimize your legal opportunities.

At your first consultation, the goal of our attorneys is to give you enough information so that you understand the process and your options. We want you to leave that first meeting with confidence knowing that Wayne Divorce Law will provide you with the best representation possible.

To schedule that first consultation, to stop needless worrying, and to start the process, contact Wayne Divorce Law Firm. Our family law practice areas include:

Property Division: Our law firm’s attorneys know how to locate hidden assets and research investments, real property, employee benefits, stock options, and any other property.

Child Custody and Support: The experienced child custody lawyers at Wayne Divorce Law will support you through mediation and evaluation, and aggressively represent your interests in court.

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